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Lifestyle – Travel Items Summer 2023

Summer is creeping up quickly and so are those vacations. I want to share some of my favorite items I’ve discovered and loved over the past year in my travels. These items help with organization and just make life a little easier when being away from home. All of these items can be found on Amazon and I will have them linked!

If there is 1 item you look into on this list it should be this one. This backpack exceeds all my expectations. It’s the perfect size to fit under the seat but still large enough to fit way more than you may need. There are so many pockets, including one for your laptop. The side pockets can fit larger water bottles which I love. If you’re traveling with multiple bags this backpack has a strap that can sling onto the top of a suitcase. My favorite feature might be the port for a phone charger. So perfect for those airport layovers.

This travel case has a spot for it all. There is a place for rings, dangle earrings, studs, and necklaces. Specifically, necklace hooks help prevent them from getting tangled which is amazing because we know everything gets tossed around during travel.

I used to save little perfume samples so I could take them with me on vacation. I would get so nervous tossing them into a bag because they weren’t secure and they ran out so quickly. I also hated that It usually wasn’t my preferred scent, so when I discovered these perfume travel bottles I was so excited. They look like tubes of lipstick and come in many colors. The best part is that it’s so easy to fill them with your go-to perfumes and they stay spill-proof rolling around in your toiletries bag.

If you’re staying somewhere where there is poor lighting or maybe low on space this light-up travel mirror is amazing. I also love to sit when getting ready so I can set it up on a hotel room desk or even on the go in the airport. Also, a great option, if you are on a trip with a large group, such as a bachelorette, and multiple people, need the bathroom mirror to get ready, to have your own.

I have crushed and bent way too many glasses while traveling. I’m notorious for just tossing them into my bag with zero care, which is why I’m typically grabbing a cheap pair from CVS during vacation. I love this sunglass holder because it’s great quality and can hold up to 5 pairs so you can match all your outfits. Also, the loop on this allows you to hang it up so you can see all your glasses.

There is a reason belt bags are the trend right now, they are just so easy to throw on and move about hands-free. So great for running through the airport or wearing as you explore your destinations. How awesome for hiking or even amusement parks. I love this one from Amazon because there are 3 zipper pockets, it’s adjustable, and it comes in a ton of colors.

Okay, I didn’t think this was a necessary product at first, but it is. I used to throw my make-up brushes into my make-up bag free-flowing. I had noticed my bag and the products were getting messy and gross from the leftover product sitting on my brushes. It was also difficult to find all my brushes quickly because some would quickly fall to the bottom. I love that this brush case keeps all the brushes together and the rest of my make-up bag clean. Also, this silicone material is super easy to clean.

Travel days can be long and you deserve some self-care even if it’s mid-flight. Linking 2 of my favorite under-eye masks from Amazon in the storefront link at the bottom of the page, both come with a large number of masks. If anything these masks help with de-puffing and help wake you up a bit. They are also the perfect size to easily toss in your carry-on.

I ice roll my face every single morning or if I’m feeling puffy before going out at night so of course I’ve got to keep that routine on vacation, but the ice roller I love at home is so large and bulky. I love this mini ice roller because it perfectly fits in your bag, hotel mini fridge, or ice bucket. It comes with 2 different shapes to use based on the part of your face you’re rolling.

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