Just Boppin’ Around


How to contact Lexi for partnerships & collaborations?
Email or Instagram DM is best. Check out the contact page of this site for full contact info and a media kit. Please allow for 1-3 days before getting a response back.
How do you find out about pop-up bars & events in KC?
My number 1 suggestion is to make sure you are following the social media accounts for your favorite events or pop-up host venues. Instagram is usually the first place a pop-up or an event will be announced. The events tab on Facebook is also a great place to find local events coming up. I’ve learned about many exciting things through the events tab. Of course, I recommend you follow me on any of my platforms as I’m always sharing what is coming up. You can also check out the calendar located on this site.
How did Lexi get started?
I created The Bop Around right after the world began to open back up. I was itching to travel again and I was so excited to explore again. I wanted to document the places we were traveling to. The first couple of cities I visited were Nashville, TN & Charleston, SC, and I fell in love with the adorable cocktail bars and restaurants. I knew Kansas City had been growing so much and I wanted to also find and share the fun unique places hidden within our city. 

You can learn more about my start in my KC Magazine article and my New Around Here podcast interview.