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Lifestyle – Lexi’s 22 Favorites in 2022

I love to try out something new whether it’s makeup, skincare, home goods, or fashion. I’m also the person who will sit through hours of listening to other people’s favorite videos and hauls. Over the past year, I’ve purchased quite a few products and some of them have been game changers in my life. It’s 2023 now and gatekeeping is out so here is a list of my 22 favorites from 2022!

  1. Amazon Dupe for Lululemon Quarter Zip
    • I’m obsessed! The quality is incredible and when compared to the Lululemon version is pretty much an exact match. Lots of colors are available.
  2. Frenshe Hand Serum Lotion
    • Hand lotion wasn’t something I use to use but as I’m getting older and learning about skin care, I found out our hands are one of the first things to age. Ashley Tisdale’s brand Frenshe has an incredible hand lotion with hydration and aging in mind. I love the way it feel, the variety of scents, and the variety of scents.
  3. Electric Lighter
    • Rechargeable electric lighters have changed my candle game. They look sleek and work so well. I keep two of them so if one is charging I still have another one available.
  4. Warmies
    • This is essentially a heating pad in the form of a cozy animal. I have a Warmies Sloth and he’s my best friend. Perfect for when you aren’t feeling your best or just something to snuggle with on cold days. They have every animal you can think of.
  5. Travel Backpack
    • When I ordered this backpack from Amazon I was not expecting it to be so stinkin’ good. It has so much space and tons of pockets, but still the perfect size to fit under a plane seat. 
  6. Bath Tray
    • My favorite self-care activity is taking a luxurious bubble bath so a good bath tray is a must. I love this one due to the bamboo material. I also love all the features included such as a wine glass slot, candle holder, and the perfect place for a book or iPad to sit.
  7. Make-up brush organizer
    • If you’re looking for a way to organize your make-up brushes in a pretty and practical way, you’ll want to see this. The acrylic container looks so good on a vanity and the lid is perfect for keeping dust and germs away from your brushes. The pearl beads come with the organizer which is awesome to elevate the look.
  8. Living Proof Dry Volume Spray
    • I have naturally straight fine hair so volume is often lacking. I’ve tried so many things to help give my hair a little lift and found the Living Proof Dry Volume Spray to do the job. A huge bonus is that is smells fabulous.
  9. Reduce Cups
    • Yes, I know that Stanley cups are the hottest item right now, but dang those things can get expensive. I love these Reduce brand tumblers because like the Stanley cups they have a handle, and straw, that can fit in your cup holder, and keep your drink cold, but at a fraction of the price.
  10. Kamo Fitness Workout Sets
    • Nothing motivates me to workout more than a cute workout set and I recently discovered Kamo
  11. Ugg Slouchy Scrunch Socks
    • Slouchy socks might be my favorite trend at the moment. I stumbled upon the UGG slouchy socks and they are a dream. So soft and cozy
  12. Air Fryer Liners
    • We are in the age of the Air Fryer! The convenience of Air Fryer cooking is amazing so to make clean-up a little more convenient too I love using air fryer liners. They are a staple in my kitchen.
  13. Abercrombie Bodysuits
    • In 2022 I focused a lot on buying more basic everyday pieces for my closet and I noticed that led to multiple Abercrombie bodysuit purchases. They are my favorite. All the styles are so cute and available in a ton of colors. The material on these is so soft and comfortable but is also nice and thick.
  14. Grande Lash, Lash Enhancing Serum
    • This is one of those products we always see on our feed, but aren’t sure if it truly works. I am here to say this one really works. After I used it for about 6 weeks I noticed a difference. I got lots of compliments on my lashes and it’s perfect for people that often get lash lifts.
  15. St. Tropez Face Bronzing Mist
    • If you want a quick and natural bronze look to your face I suggest you grab a bottle of this self-tanning face mist. I typically use it once a week just to add a little boost of color to my face. You can build on the color if you wish as well.
  16. Farmacy Green Clean
    • My favorite makeup cleansing balm ever, I have yet to find something better. You only need a small amount and it melts so quickly and easily into the skin. I love how well it takes off eye makeup because sometimes that mascara gets stubborn.
  17. Farmacy Honey Halo Mask
    • Fellow dry skin ladies…or men, skin care is for everyone, you need to add this mask to your weekly routine. The Honey Potion Mask from Farmacy is so incredibly hydrating. When you apply the mask it creates a calm warming feeling on your face giving you a little spa moment at home.
  18. Stars Above PJ Sets
    • Honestly nothing makes me feel more put together than climbing into bed in a cute matching Pajama Set. Some of my favorite PJ sets ever are from Target, specifically the Stars Above brand. I have so many of styles of their pajamas and love them all.
  19. Dr. Teals Sleep Spray
    • The newest addition to my nightstand. I already love Dr. Teals for relaxing bubble baths so when I heard about the lavender sleep spray I ran to purchase it. I always do a couple of spritzes around my room and on my pillows before crawling into bed. Helps to create a relaxing vibe.
  20. Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick
    • Selena Gomez just really knew what she was doing with Rare Beauty, I’ve loved every item I’ve tried. Since I have dryer skin cream and liquid products work better for me so I was thrilled with this cream bronzing stick came out. It gives the best glow! I use shade “Always Sunny”
  21. Rare Beauty Mascara
    • After trying this mascara I may never try anything else. It creates amazing length and I’ve never noticed any flaking or smudging.
  22. Face Ice Roller
    • I’ve got my friends and family hooked on using an ice roller for their faces. I use mine in the morning to help wake up my skin and reduce puffiness. Face rolling also is great for lymphatic drainage. I’ve found this ice roller on Amazon to be fantastic, especially for the price.
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