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Lifestyle – Boozy Brunch

I love hosting! It brings me so much joy to invite friends and family over and put together a gathering. I also usually get a little extra about it. When I finally moved into an apartment that was all mine I knew I couldn’t wait for my first event to host. I’m a brunch lover and my friends and I usually prefer to drink during the day rather than at night so I knew and brunch party would be perfect. 

This brunch turned out so well! I posted the entire process on TikTok and had a great response so I thought I’d break down all the deliciousness here as well.

  • Invite
    • As I said, I am extra! So as my extra self, a standard text message to invite my friends to my brunch just wasn’t enough. I chose to create a digital invitation on Canva that included all the details. It was so fun and helped set the energy for the gathering.
  • Mimosa Bar
    • Obviously, you can’t have brunch without mimosas so I knew a mimosa bar would be just what the party needed. Since this was a smaller group I chose just to go with 2 juice flavors, pineapple orange, and raspberry, but you can totally include more options. A huge pro tip is to include frozen fruit in your juice to help keep it cold without watering it down. I also set the champagne off to the side in a wine chiller so people could add as much booze as they felt.
  • Breakfast Charcuterie Board
    • Building the breakfast-themed charcuterie board was my favorite part of the party prep. I loved going with mini-sized items so it was easier for people to grab. Some bite highlights I’d suggest including on a board are mini hashbrowns and mini chicken & waffles. Waffles were made in a tiny waffle maker (you could also use mini frozen Eggo waffles), For the chicken, I select the famous Just Bare Chicken Nuggets from Costco.
  • Decor & Utensils

Invite Example: